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Up Angle HDMI Cable

Up Angle HDMI Cable
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Up Angle HDMI
Fixed at 90°, this up-angled HDMI makes wiring secure and practical with quality components that are built to be sustainable and long-lasting. Designed and manufactured by expert craftsmen, this up-angled HDMI guards against port deterioration while reliably delivering a full signal no matter the circumstance. 

High Speed and Stability
Designed to be stable and sturdy, this up-angled HDMI cord delivers 1.4b audio and video output with built-in ethernet capability. 30 AWG Power and Ground enables cord to deliver a full, uninterrupted signal in bent positions, reducing the risk of excess tension or strain. 

Quality Guaranteed

Double-shielded to ensure 360° strain relief and preserve its integrity over time, this up-angle HDMI was built with quality parts to ensure its longevity and performance. Gold plated shell and connector contacts minimize oxidation and degradation while ensuring maximum signal transference and port protection. 

RoHS and REACH Compliant
RoHS and REACH Compliant, we seek to comply with all governing legislation and customer unique mandates. Environmentally-friendly, and secure, our products ensure that we are following international guidelines set forth by REACH and RoHS. Please stay up to date on the newest developments of REACH and RoHS agreements on our website. 

Consistent Craftsmanship

Our mission is to provide sustainable and dependable products by way of quality craftsmanship and trusted service. We take pride in ensuring our customers can receive the same product reproduced time and again, and with this up-angle HDMI, we’re sure you can do just that.

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I needed a new angled wire for my cellphone and AngledCables.com had everything that one would need for ANY application. The prices were a little high but when I received my cable I could tell it was worth it because the new wire was a lot heavier than the original. I will definitely order from here again.

// Evan

If you're in a situation where you really need a specific angled cable, don't search any further!!! Go to this online shop, choose your type of cable, the angles and lengths you need, pick a shipping option and your all set. You can (amongst other options) easily pay with Paypal and I must add that the service is very professional and the contact really friendly, so I will 100% come back if I need something else... I almost forgot: this cable is the best quality I've EVER had, a nice thick cable with gold-plated connectors (and I'm fiddling with computer 'till 1998, so I've seen a lot of cheap stuff, believe me)!!!

// Frédéric

Quick shipping and decent price. Cables where exactly what I needed!! Great company!! Thanks

// Brian

I appreciated the email updates when my order was placed and also when my order shipped, and I appreciated the tracking number included in the email.

// Greg

These people are awesome

// Jalinda

Don't hesitate to shop here. I called the company to check them out and spoke to a real person after only 3 rings. The cable shipped the next day and functions perfectly.

// Sarah

Overall I was satisfied with my experience. However, they sent out two confirmations when the product was being shipped and then canceled one of them without clarifying why, which could have led to some panic on my part. Other than that, it was ok

// Khalid

These are very high-quality cables, and because of that they are very thick and the connector shells are bulky. Their through-shielding allows the maximum charging current with devices that detect it, like recent Samsungs. The bulky connectors may interfere with some cases, and the thickness of the cables makes them stiff. This can make it harder to route the cables around car interiors.

// Mark

Danielle, Thanks for the phone call.  I love your customer service and attention to solving an issue.  I will be sure to use you going forward as much as I can.  Thanks and have a great night
// Michael

Available Part Numbers

  • PART# RR-3U-3S-12G, SIZE: 12in (305mm)
  • PART# RR-3U-3S-24G, SIZE: 24in (610mm)
  • PART# RR-3U-3S-72G, SIZE: 6ft (1829mm)
  • PART# RR-3U-3S-240G, SIZE: 20ft (6096mm)
  • Up Angle HDMI A Connector
  • Straight HDMI A Connector
  • 30 AWG Power and Ground
  • 7.3mm OD
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